How Revision Rhinoplasty Will Affect The Patients

What You Need To Know About Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is more than the primary one. A lot more expertise is involved in performing the delicate procedures. It is a type of plastic surgery focused on improving the appearance of the nose. Most of the people regard this field the most delicate and difficult to perform. However, it is still done and the results are desirable to many. It is also a corrective procedure whereby the patient got the nose defect as a result of an accident and wants it corrected. The other name for it is secondary rhinoplasty surgery because of the advanced techniques incorporated. These include mainly cartilage grafting.

What is addressed in this surgery?

The main body part dealt with is the nose and its constituent elements. These are manipulated and reshaped to the desired shape. Surgeons consider it important to address the aesthetic value of the nose. This is the general appearance that is visible to others. It is the main objective of the surgeon as well as the patient.

As the aesthetic value is looked into, the functional bit is not left behind. The nose needs to be left at its state of normal functioning. This is to avoid any problems that can occur in the breathing system. The emotional aspect of the patients is also a factor to be put into consideration by the surgeon. The patient has had several unsuccessful primary rhinoplasty procedures. It would, therefore, be killing if the revision one was not successful. A lot of precaution must be maintained.

Open and closed revision rhinoplasty

These are different in terms of techniques used. The choice for you will depend on your desires as well as the advice of the surgeon. There is one that will be suitable than the other for various different individuals. We all have varying needs and problems and hence these are not the only classifications of these procedures. In fact, almost each of the surgery is different from each other. This is because tailoring must be done to suit patient’s specific needs.

These two are not much different only for columella incisions. For the closed one, the incisions begin at the columella as well as marginal areas in the upper alar rims. The skin is afterwards separated from underlying cartilages by use of nasal scissors. The closed one requires more expertise though the dissections and cuts are similar to the open one. It is not however the best for the case of extreme deformities. You need to ask your surgeon whether it affects the cost of the surgery and choose the one that’s right for you.

Risks and Solutions

There can be complications if the surgery is not propelled like it is supposed to. These include nasal bumps, remaining tips which lack definition, droopy nose tips and also wide nostrils. This is why everything needs to be first prepared and proper choice of surgeons and procedures made. Surgeon’s advice for post and pre-surgery must be adhered to for efficient results.

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